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Renaud // FILM // People on my porch

When planes get stuck at Pearson International Airport, and connecting flights get missed, my friends come a knocking.  Good thing there was cold pizza in the fridge. This is my buddy Renaud Philippe.  An extremely talented photojournalist based out of Quebec City. You can view his work here: here: and here: After...

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Leigh + Harlow // Fashion // Film // Toronto

Some frames from a shoot for Leigh & Harlow clothing boutique here in Toronto.  I was helping out on the shoot, and was able to sneak a few frames with my Mamiya.  100 + 400 Kodak TMAX.  Flatbed Scan. Quick “vintage-ify” in post. No other re-touching.  Ya I know…. dust marks.

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Kay // Anniversary // Film

I had a couple rolls of 120 film sitting on a table, to which my brother exclaimed “this is so cool.  you actually have to buy your ISO (sic)”  It made me laugh on the inside, and made me think of the comment a radio show host made last week – when asked, some teenagers...

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G.T. // Film

Found this frame on a roll of film I shot last year.  Scanned it last night.  This is George.  He’s in a movie premiering at TIFF.  It’s called GOON.  Go check it out.

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