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Henkaa – Lookbook

Henkaa, a clothing company based out of Toronto, makes some really amazing multifunctional convertable dresses that ” arn’t just for weddings”  – yet they are quite popular with bridesmaidsIf I was female, I’d have one of these dresses. They’re smart, stylish and versatile and can be worn to work, for nights on the town, and...

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Leigh + Harlow // Fashion // Film // Toronto

Some frames from a shoot for Leigh & Harlow clothing boutique here in Toronto.  I was helping out on the shoot, and was able to sneak a few frames with my Mamiya.  100 + 400 Kodak TMAX.  Flatbed Scan. Quick “vintage-ify” in post. No other re-touching.  Ya I know…. dust marks.

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