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24th Annual Beaches International Jazz Festival // TORONTO

The Beaches International Jazz Festival (I like the fact that they still use “Beaches” in the name, not “The Beach” as the area is officially referred to these days) for the past 24 years has had Jazz, Blues and R&B musicians doing what they do best, on stages, in parks, and on the street.  This...

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It was either ’89 or ’90 when I first drove by this mall with my parents – we were moving to Scarborough.  Truth be told I was more interested in the Consumers Distributing (remember those?), and Toys R Us across the street.  Bought my first hockey jersey here.  Had my hair cut by Tony and...

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Fundraiser for Finland (actually it’s to send me to Finland)

I’m not one to ask for handouts.  But I do need some help, to send me to Finland (of all places) so that I can continue working on a long term project that started back in 2006. As some of you might know, I have been working closely with the Canadian Amputee Hockey Committee and...

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Jack Layton Memorial @ Nathan Phillips Square // TORONTO

I’ve photographed many politicians over the past 8 years at various elections, press conferences, and miscellaneous  photo ops.  Jack Layton (next to Chretien after he retired from politics, but that’s a whole other story) was my favorite politician to photograph, as he always seemed genuine, easy going, straight forward, and above all, human.  He was...

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Old n Fade – Studio Sessions

Over dubs at Metalworks Studios with Old n Fade.

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