St. Aidan’s Out of the cold

The St. Aidan’s Out of The Cold program started in January 2007 and has grown from 12 guests who enjoy a free dinner to 40 – 20 of which have the opportunity to stay the night as well.  Some of the guests who take part in the program are not homeless, but receive some sort of social assistance, whether it be a pension or disability pay.  After their rent and TTC pass are paid for, there is very little money left for food,  and other necessities.   Others live on the street, and appreciate the roof over their heads especially on cold nights.  The program runs every Monday from November until March, and is completely self sufficient and volunteer based.  All funding, and food come directly from donations from within the community.  Local Beach restaurants and businesses donate food, and miscellaneous other items, and residents of Toronto donate their time and money to help with operating costs.  There is no assistance from the government or any use of parish funds.

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