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I had a couple rolls of 120 film sitting on a table, to which my brother exclaimed “this is so cool.  you actually have to buy your ISO (sic)”  It made me laugh on the inside, and made me think of the comment a radio show host made last week – when asked, some teenagers classified Nirvana as classic rock or as according to my sibling again “kids at camp didn’t know who Queen (the band.. you know… We Are the Champions? ) was.  Then again, Waynes World came out almost 20 years ago!!  About the same time I got whiplash from headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody in my parents car.

But I digress…  here are some frames shot of my forever young, amazing wife – on our wedding anniversary…  on film of course.  400ISO

Note to self.  Clean dust marks.

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Kay - To my wonderful husband, on our fourth wedding anniversary…

Thank you for making me look pretty, even on the days I really don’t feel like it.

Thank you for creating sushi miracles for me so I don’t end up in anaphylactic shock from ingesting shellfish.

Thank you for loving me with all my crazy quirks and quarks.

I love you too!
;) K.September 19, 2011 – 2:19 AM

Wedding Photographer Vancouver - This photo is simply beautiful. She looks so pretty.September 29, 2011 – 11:14 PM

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