Kamilia Manaf @ Newsgirls Boxing Club

Kamilia Manaf trained at Newsgirls Boxing Club in Toronto, in preparation of returning to Jakarta, where she will be running a boxing program for women and transgendered individuals who were victims of violence.  She hopes that through the sport of boxing, the victims of violence will get empowered and be more comfortable in functioning within society, as well as have a positive and safe space to release anger – healthy aggression as she calls it.

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Kendal + Pierre

A couple of favorites from this year.  Kendal + Pierre – Toronto

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Sarah + Liam

One of my favorites from last year.   Sarah + Liam – University of Toronto

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Movie Production Stills

These photos were shot for a movie production which I cannot name.  I can’t name it because it is still in post, and the wheels are in motion. One thing that you should know, is that when it’s done, it’s going to be ridiculously amazing.

Some absolutely incredible people volunteered/donated their time and expertise to film this trailer.  Actors, Stunt Men, Camera Operators, Directors, Producers, Make Up Artists, Pyro-technicians, Grips, Caterers and CGI masterminds.  I will list some of their names once I get permission.  In the meantime if you want more info, check out the Mucho Motion website under Productions.

Much love to everyone who participated in this.

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Dziadziu Marcel // Poland

Here is a portrait of my grandfather.  The most humble and hardworking man I know.

These photos were taken one fall afternoon a few years a go, while picking wild mushrooms in a forest near Rzeszow, Poland.

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